The Law of Attraction, Simplified (Ima bust this s*** right open for you)


“The world is the worst it’s ever been. But it is also the best it has ever been, and you get to decide what part of it you play in.” -Abraham, as channeled through Esther Hicks

The first part of that statement is pretty easy for most of us to believe. The world has gotten so small, and so much information is available, and the sensationalism of all of that information is so rampant, that we cannot help but be inundated with a negative view of our world. War, poverty, crime, heck even those photographs of the lost doggies on Facebook are enough to make your heart ache. But the entirety of this statement is Ultimate Truth, which yes, means that the world is also the best it has ever been. We can travel around the world in a matter of hours, we can have a face to face discussion with someone not even in our remote vicinity. Remember in Back to the Future II when Biff makes a phone call and the face pops up on the screen? And at the time that was so novel, so futuristic. Well that future is here, and whether or not you want to believe it, the human race has always progressed, is currently progressing, and will continue to progress.

Point is, the progress of humankind is inevitable and change is the one thing that is constant. That means that new ideas and new theories will now and forever be popping up; as the collective consciousness of the human race expands, so does our understanding of it. One need look no further than the explosion of Quantum Physics onto the scene which is indubitably shattering all previous conceptions of how we view time and space. Even though Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein were trying to tell us this ages ago, it is only recently with the expansion of the studies of Quantum Mechanics that it is becoming more widely accepted.

And thus it goes with what is now affectionately referred to as the Law of Attraction. To those that know it and have lived it, it is as undeniable as the Law of Gravity. But, especially in Western culture, it is a relatively new idea, and it flies in the face of the modern teachings of most established religions to which so many currently cling. And so it is often dismissed as ridiculous or pie-in-the-sky; the notion that we are energy and we are emitting vibration into the Universe that draws circumstances and people to us and creates our world is just crazy!! But if you are one of those people, do not worry, you have many sympathetic souls that line the portals of history that will heartily agree with your skepticism… the ones that immediately come to mind are those who believed with every fiber of their being that the world was flat.

So, naysayers, I am here to make the premise behind LOA a bit more palatable, because I know from my own experience that the difficulty people have with embracing the knowledge that is emerging about this Law is not only in its inherent characteristics, but in its practice. Initial or superficial glances into or studies of the implementing of LOA in your life are what seem so outlandish because really, it would be a lot easier just to purchase a pair of rose colored glasses, right?

Well, maybe easier at first, but I had a pair of rose colored glasses in college, and I looked like a bad ass wearing them, too. But I lost them, and I don’t even think I have a picture of me when I was wearing them. The Law of Attraction, when it is fully understood, is a door that once open can never be closed, it is knowledge that can never be unlearned, and it will pervade your life with a peace and clarity that can never, ever be lost.

So here are a few aspects of the Law of Attraction that are often met with criticism, but only because they are misunderstood.

1. Positive Thinking. Think positive and positive things will happen!! Geez how many memes have you seen with THAT, huh? There are two initial reactions to this saying. 1. Bullshit. Okay, well, that’s why we are here reading this, isn’t it, so just humor me and play along because number two isn’t much better but will have the same results as just dismissing it from the beginning. The 2. reaction is okay that sounds easy, I can do that, and so you try it. You force yourself to think positive, you put on that fake smile, you tell yourself everything is going to be okay. But then nothing happens and nothing changes and the reaction to your efforts is now the same as the skeptic’s. This is bullshit. (Told you it ended up the same… I know. I’ve been there.)

Although this saying is perpetuated by well-intentioned people, there is a real problem in just Thinking Positive!! I am not saying that thinking positive thoughts is not part of the practice of LOA, but I am very much saying there is another very important part of the equation that is missing here. It is not just about the thoughts you are thinking, it is about the emotion that is generated by the thoughts. For example take each one of the top three things that concern us most as humans: money, love, and our physical bodies. You may be saying the words I want more money, I want a committed relationship, I want my perfect, healthy body, but when you force those “positive” mantras from a place of feeling badI about your finances, dating life, or weight, the words have no real meaning because it is the emotion behind them that is actually important. Think about it. When you say, “I want to make more money,” most people are actually feeling like they hate their job, like they are broke all the time, or they are feeling the anxiety of debt.

The reason that positive thinking alone does not change anything is because so often when we try to think about positive things, like dream about our awesome new promotion, or tell ourselves we are worthy of love, or think I will feel better once I go to the gym, we are immediately met by the “reality” of the situation which completely contradicts the mantra we are reciting, and that creates a discord inside of us, which is negative emotion and therefore completely counterproductive to what we were trying to achieve by thinking positively.

See, the Universe does not respond to your thoughts, it responds to your vibration, which in the physical human experience is translated as emotion. How you feel is what is attracting things to you and creating your world, not necessarily what you are thinking. That being said, however, there is a connection between what you are thinking and what you are feeling. A very direct connection. And the discovery of this connection changed my life (and it will change yours if you let it) because with this simple realization, you learn how to control your mind and your thoughts. When you are feeling bad, it means that you are thinking bad thoughts. Once more, no bold or italic so it doesn’t sound so scary. When you are feeling bad, it means that you are thinking bad thoughts.

Most of us, including me for the majority of my life up to now, are like a super-sensitive pinball getting knocked around a glass case. Bouncing of the sides and flying off the ramp head first into a sink hole. And we think there is nothing we can do about it. We think that the purpose of life is just to put up with as much shit as possible and if something or someone makes me feel bad, or sad, or mad, well then it was their fault and I am just responding to the action or circumstance. And damn those little flippers at the bottom they are keeping me from just getting home and getting some rest already. But when you wholeheartedly embrace the fact and realize for yourself that your emotions are there to guide you, you will see that your emotions do not control you, you control your emotions. And the way you control your emotions is by using them. From now until the end, when you are feeling bad, you will know that it is because you are thinking bad thoughts, and by slowly easing off of the negative thoughts into more positive ones, your emotion will shift, and so will your vibration.

2. The Universe. I was introduced to the concept of The Universe over fifteen years ago by Paulo Coehlo in his book The Alchemist. At the time I was still a follower of the Christian faith, and I wrestled with the concept endlessly. How could I believe in this Ultimate Being in the Sky and yet feel deep inside that the reality of the Universe was also true? Well, I am not here to try to change anyone’s religious beliefs (at least not in this blog), but my journey included the torment, and then the reconciliation that both exist, in fact, it is God’s Universe, and then on to my final realization that when people speak of the Universe, they speak of nothing but God. The Universe and God are the same thing. But the reason that sounds like blaspheme to many is because there is this prevailing notion of God being a single entity or deity, we even personalize God to the extent of giving it gender, as in His will, His blessing, His teaching. But God is not a single consciousness. IT is a collective consciousness, God as we refer to it is better connoted as Infinite Intelligence, Source, Being, Consciousness. It is the collection of everything nonphysical, all the energy, all the power, all the life force, all of both the seen and the unseen. And It is right inside every one of us. Those who call God “Him” also often use the word Soul. But what is a soul except that unseen part of us that connects us to God? And if God is everything and all things, and the part inside of us is the connection and therefore the identity we share with the Universe, then that can only mean that that which we call God is inside You.

This is why Law of Attraction is a finite law, just like the Law of Gravity. Because that soul inside of you is the purveyor of your vibration. It is what connects you to God, the Universe, Infinite Intelligence, and therefore it is what transmits the signal of your emotion, which is translated by God or the Universe as vibration. And whatever signal you are sending out, is what you are getting back. I encourage any of you who may see this as sacrilege, to re-read your religious texts in the light of what I have told you. You may be surprised by what is revealed. “You reap what you sow.” This is not just referring to action, it is referring to the signal or vibration you emit which is a direct result of what you are feeling, which is a direct result of what you are thinking, and it is what draws every last minute detail of your circumstances to you.

3. Visualization and Acting “As If.” Both of these concepts are taught by almost every LOA teacher or spiritual guide, and quite often they can be very useful, again, only if the feeling you feel when you are visualizing matches up with what you really want. Students of the Law of Attraction are instructed to not only envision what their perfect life would look like and of course what it would feel like, but we are also encouraged on many fronts to act as if we already have the life we have and the money we want and the body we desire and the love we crave. These are most assuredly good techniques, because they are based on the (infinitely true) premise that they help you align your vibration with what you want and thus bring it to you. Most of us think that when we get all the stuff we want, then we will be happy. But the Law of Attraction states that first you must be happy, and then all of the stuff will come.

But this is inherently problematic for most people, and we have to understand the power of our innate beliefs and how they directly affect the effectiveness of visualization and acting “as if.” For example, when we begin to visualize that promotion, it is natural along the path of your daydream to encounter not only the joys of the situation but the problems that could arise from it as well. For instance, what if your co-workers hate you because you got the promotion and they didn’t? And then once your mind latches on to one negative aspect, it gains momentum and you start thinking about all the other things that could go wrong, what if I have to relocate? What if it is too much responsibility? And so on and so forth until you end up feeling worse than you ever did before your started this stupid visualizing. And “as if” is just as troublesome. It is great to walk around your house feeling like the rock star you know you are destined to be, but once you have to walk out the door and get in your car to drive to the office you are stuck in for eight hours, the belief of the reality of your situation takes hold and suddenly you feel like a big ole phony.

So even though these two techniques are effective as long as you can stay on the positive stream of thought while you indulge in them, what do you do about the rest of the day? You cannot visualize being independently wealthy for an hour, live the other seventeen waking hours in disgust of your life, and expect to have any results. But neither can you keep up your rock star charade at the office, let’s face it. Ripped jeans and a Zeppelin T-shirt are not exactly appropriate attire. So now what?

Well, it is important to realize that IF visualization is even important at all, it is actually only the first step and not the ultimate goal. When you visualize you are ultimately telling the Universe what you want. But the thing is, you only have to tell It once. Ask, and it is given. From God’s mouth to the Universe’s ears. If you have given thought even once in your life to what your ideal job would be, rest assured it is There, immediately, just waiting for you to become a vibrational match to it. But when we meet with the afore mentioned resistance to the visualization and “as if” exercises, it can actually do more harm than good because it creates a conflicting vibration and therefore holds you away from what you want, for longer than you want. Fortunately for all of us the beauty of Law of Attraction is that the Universe does not expect us to just have one thought or vision at all times and only focus on that one thing or it will never come to pass. Not only would that be impractical it would be downright impossible. Even if you locked yourself in a dark, quiet room, your mind would eventually shift focus.

The true power of the LOA is unleashed not in a singular, determined focus on one particular positive thought or situation, but in deciding to choose a positive thought about whatever moment or situation you are in right now. Meaning that your rock star gig is right there, waiting for you, but the way to it is not necessarily focusing always on how good it will feel to be a rock star, but in feeling good and focusing on the positive aspects of your current office job. Every subject, no matter what it is, has two perspectives. A perspective that feels good when you think about it, and a perspective that feels bad. And if you take the opportunity in every moment to find the positive perspective of whatever it is you are experiencing, your positive thought will create positive emotion which will gain momentum and propel you to your dream. You do not have to be consciously, positively focused on your thoughts of an ideal life at all times in order to manifest the ideal life. Rather you must see your life now as ideal and find things to appreciate in your current situation. They are there. If you do not see the magnitude of blessings that have already been bestowed upon you right now where you stand, then it is only because you have chosen to focus on the things about it that are bad. Whatever you want, be it wealth, love, or health, you want it because you know that when you have it, you will feel good. So make the decision to feel good now, because you always take yourself with you. Even if you do manage to ignore this paragraph and visualize your way to your promotion, if you have not trained your thoughts to consistently look for the good, your success will implode because you will still be overwhelmed by the negative end of what you are experiencing, and you will be left just as unfulfilled as you were when you were the low man on the totem pole.

4. Meditation. The method of visualization is often coupled with meditation and although meditation is important we are remiss in our thinking that the only effective meditation is complete quiet and stillness. Life can be meditation, doing anything creative can be meditation, basking in a sunrise can be meditation. Anything that truly makes you feel connected to the Source within you, is meditation.

5. Gratitude. It is great to be grateful, but the word grateful in essence refers to things that have already happened. So yes, you do want to be grateful, but a far less somber and way more in-the-present-moment word is Appreciation. To appreciate things, people, or circumstances, is to remove any and all attachment and therefore rid yourself of any need for control. If you appreciate your child’s personality, you embrace it and do not need to change it to suit your preferences. If you appreciate the food that you are eating right now in this moment, it can not help but assimilate perfectly into your body without the need to micromanage every last ounce and calorie. If you appreciate the life you are living now, and the beauty it possesses, you will see that everything really does always work out for you, and so you can let go of your need to “fight” for your future because you know it is certain. Be grateful for the things that have happened, but appreciate the things in your Now.

6. The Past. It doesn’t exist. You have only your Now. This moment. There is no need to psychoanalyze every last bit of data from your childhood whether euphoric or traumatic, there is only the choice to feel good, right now, about you and your power and your circumstances, right now. This is not ignoring a problem, or refusing to “root out” your “demons,” there are no such things and there is no such process that will EVER be effective. Because to focus on “cleansing your psyche” of problems is only to give it power. The power to derail your thinking into an abyss of regret or pain, which, as you already know because you paid attention, creates negative emotion, which in turn, brings to you more of that which you were trying to “escape.” Psychology is probably one of the most detrimental sciences we could have invented because it stymies the progress of Man. It does not matter one stinking tiny bit why you are thinking what you are thinking. The only thing that matters is what you are thinking right now, and how that thought makes you feel. Because it is your now that creates your world. It is the vibration you send out today that determines your tomorrow.


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